Couples Counseling

Couple’s Counseling


At SANA, we love helping you work through the challenges that hold you back from creating the relationship you desire.   

Couple’s counseling can help you discover ways to repair or rebuild your relationship.  Couple’s counseling can also help you figure out whether it’s time to move on or end your relationship.

You deserve to have the rich and loving relationship that you want.  You see older couples holding hands, looking so in love and you think, “I want that!  How can they still be so in love?”  Guess what?  You CAN have that.  It takes work, but you can have that with your partner.   You can read lots of self-help books, but it doesn’t usually work if you are the only one reading the books.  Marriage is a team sport, and you may need marriage counseling to help both of you to get on the same wavelength, recognize what’s working and what isn’t and create a roadmap to a more rewarding relationship.

If this sounds like you, please don’t wait.  Reach out for marriage counseling.  Bring the passion, joy, emotional and sexual connection back to your relationship. You deserve to have a marvelous relationship with your partner.  You deserve to feel important to them.  You deserve to feel cherished.  You deserve to have their eyes light up when you enter the room.  You can have this, all of this.

If you’d like more information or are ready to take the next step to live the life you truly want, please click HERE to find the right counselor for you.