Connect! High School Girls Group

What is the Connect! High School Girls’ Group?

Girls in high school are faced with enormous peer pressure, a desire to belong and fit in, and anxiety about everything from relationships to grades to college choices.  They are often very uncertain of themselves and they struggle to figure out who they are and what makes them happy.  Connect! High School Girls’ Group is a group for girls in high school to develop more confidence and the skills to truly connect with others and with themselves. Connect! is based on the research of Brene´Brown, Ph.D.   It uses creative exercises, stories and art projects based on Dr. Brown’s The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ programs.  All of the activities are designed to be fun and meaningful for high school girls.

Groups are offered periodically and are limited to 8.  New members may join during week 1 or 2, but not after that because by the end of week 2, the group will already be connected with one another and on their way to being motivated to change.  The group is designed to be 7 or 8 weeks for maximum results.

When is the next group?

The next group is from 3:30-4:45 on Mondays from 4/9-5/21

Why would my daughter want to do this?

Because this provides an opportunity for her to connect and grow with other peers in a safe, supportive, and fun environment where she will learn that she is not the only one struggling with being a teen in our pressure-filled, fast paced world.

What will she learn?

She will learn that she truly matters and is worthy for who she is, not what she wears, who she dates, who she hangs out with or what she does.  The goal is for these learnings to help boost her self-confidence, to teach her to love herself and to encourage her to live bravely in her own life.

Will this give her “grit”?

Grit is currently a popular metaphor for resiliency – that ability to dig deep, rise again and forge on despite difficulties and failures.  The Rising Strong™ program is all about rising from failures and writing a new ending for oneself.

How much does is cost?

The fee for group is $50 a session and usually a $35 supply fee.  A $100 deposit is charged upon enrollment.  Cancellations are refunded up until 7 days prior to the first group; following that, you will forfeit your deposit.  $135 is due at the first session.  The remaining fee will be charged at the 4th session.  There are no refunds or make-ups for missed sessions.

Can I enroll my middle school daughter?

This group is for high school girls only because developmentally, they are more likely to be in the same place.  If you have a middle school daughter that you want enrolled in a group, please contact me as I will be offering a middle school group in the future.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in the Connect! High School Girls’ Group.

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