Play Therapy

Does your child struggle with any one or more of the following issues?  Severe anxiety, ADHD symptoms, strong-willed, emotionally avoidant and withdrawn, aggressive, hyperactive, frequent meltdowns?  These are just a few of the issues that can be discouraging and hard to navigate through for any parent.  Whether it is your biological child, grandchild, other family member, foster child, or adopted child, attachment based play therapy activities can help overall brain development.

Our play therapists know how to engage and connect with children.  They give children the opportunity to work through those ugh feelings they don’t understand.  Since a child’s language is through play, this type of therapy is needed for a child to understand why they feel the way they do and process their experiences.  They get to also learn things like physiological responses to their feelings while feeling empowered to do something that helps. Children don’t often times have the language needed to verbally express what is going on for them that is distressing and even if they do, it can be very difficult to talk about.  Let’s get real, even us as adults don’t have the words half the time!  Play therapy also helps children work through very painful traumatic experiences through processes like metaphor that can help a child navigate through healing at his/her natural pace.

Involving parents in this process is ideal as well.  Having parents become the secure support who can respond to the child’s need so a therapist is no longer needed is the ultimate goal.  Our therapists guide parents through this process.  Children do typically get worse before getting better as they become more aware of what is causing those icky feelings. However, after the bandage is taken off of the wound, the wound can heal, so then change happens.  We just don’t forget to have fun in the process!

If you would like more information about play therapy at Sana Holistic Care or are interested in working with one of our play therapists, please call Laurie Pisciotta or Brenda Copp or contact them through their individual pages on the Sana Holistic Care website.